Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your BI-LO Coupon Matchups 3/10-3/16 Lots of BOGO!!!!

Lay's Potato Chips Save $3.99/2

-$1/2 if Natural are included

Keebler Sandies or Club Crackers or Sticks Save up to $3.99/2

-$1/1 01-24-10 SS

-$1/1, $1/2 Parade, January 2010

Kellogg's Cereal Save up to $3.98/2 (Ad shows Frosted Flakes & Froot Loops)

-(if this is not for the small boxes) $.70/1 blinkies

Jonathan Apples 3 lb. bag Save $3.99/2

Plumrose Premium Bacon Save up to $4.99/2

Palermo's Thun Crust, Rustico or Hearth Italia Pizza Save up to 6.42/2

-$1/1 WTs

-1/2 TP Penguin Frozen Foods display

-$1/1 IP

Klondike Ice Cream Bars Save $3.99/2

-$1/1 Ip sign up required

Sara Lee Classic White Bread Save up to $2.49/2

All Laundry Detergent 32-50 oz. Save up to $5.99/2

-$2/1 02-07-10 RP

Pedigree Mealtime Small Bites 4.4 lb. bags

The Goodlife Recipe Wholesome Twists Dog Food 7.6 ozs. Save up to $5.99/2

-$1/1 01-24-10 RP

Nature Made Vitamins (gotta have something to compensate for all these processed carbs we buy )

-$1/1 02-28-10 SS

Ocean Spray Instant Oatmeal Save up to $3.49/2

Guilt Free Dog Treats or Better Than Ears Plus Dog Treats (my doxie's favoritest treat in the world!) Save at least $3.52/2

-$1/1 02-21-10 SS

Caldesene Baby Powder Save $4.39/2

Top Care Children's Allergy Liquid Save up to $11.25/2

Orville Redenbacher's Microwave Popcorn 2-4 pk. Save $2.50/2
BLINKIES out there...
Emerald Mixed Nuts or Cashew Halves & Pieces Save $4.99/2

-$1.50/2, $1/1 01-31-10 SS

SH Chicken Tenders, Nuggets, or Patties Save $7.99/2 (I mean, seriously...would you ever pay their retail on these things?)

Billy Boy's Pepperoni Pizza Save up to $7.99/2
Lots lots more

Hillshire Farm Cocktail Smokies Save $3.99/2

Lloyd's Chicken or Pork BBQ Save $6.99/2

-$.75/1, $1/1 01-24-10 SS

Eckrich Bologna Original or Beef Save up to $4.29/2

John Morrell Off the Bone Ham or Turkey (have you ever seen lunch meat on the bone? just ponderin'...........) Save $3.99/2

SH pork rinds Save up to $2.99/2

SH shrimp poppers Save $2.99/2

T. Marzetti's Salad Dressing Save up to $3.99/2

-$1/1, $1/2 01-24-10 SS

Emerald Trail Mix SAL (new abbreviation for save at hand is getting tired) 2.39/2

New England Coffee SAL $5.98/2

-$1/1, $.50/1 peelies

Wise Cheese Doodles Save 2.99/2
SH Cole Slaw or Potato Salad SAL 2.39/2

Bryan Corn Dogs Save up to $5.29/2

Earthbround Farms Organic Salad SAL 3.99/2

SH Tilapia Fillets Save 7.99/2

Shedd's Country Crock SAL 1.99/2
-$1/1 IP

-$.50/1, $.40/1, $.30/1 03-07-10 RP

Thomas' Plain English Muffins Save $2.99/2

Ritz Munchables Save 3.99/2

Mrs. Paul's Seafood Products Save 8.99/2

Philly Swirl Frozen Treats Save 3.41/2

Batter Blaster Pancake & Waffle BAtter Save 4.99/2

Wyler's Light or Hawaiian Punch Sticks Save 2.00/1

Diet Snapple Powder Drink Sticks save 2.99/2
Uno Pizza save 6.75/2
Teton Valley Baked Potatoes save up to 4.99/2
Contessa Meals 20-24 oz. save up to 7.99/2
White House apple sauce 24 oz. jar save up to 1.79/2
Margaret Holmes Greens Save up to 2.15/2
AJ Waffles, Pancakes or Breakfast Entrees save up to 3.16/2
Green Giant Boil in Bag vegetables or Steamers 7-10 oz. save up to 1.94/2
-$.50/2 IP box here too
-$.50/1 steamers also here
-$.50/2 steamers 03-07-10 SS
Bertolli Pasta Sauce Save 2.89/2
-$1/1 peelies found on Sargento Parmesan cheese in Dairy
-$1.50/2, $.60/1 02-14-10 RP
Hormel Chili with Beans save 1.99/2
Pompeian Olive oil save 9.94/2
-$1/1 IP
Lake Side Mills Grits 2 lb. white or yellow save 1.29/2
SH Seasoning Salt Save 3.48/2
Citrus Magic Spot & Stain Remover save 3.99/2
Dial Liquid Hand Soap save 1.88/2
Lake Side Mills Seafood Breader Mix or Sweet Caroline Hushpuppy mix save 3.00/2
Top Care Razor Blades save 3.39/2
Top Care Cole & allergy Relief Tablets save 4.59/2 tis pollen season here in the great state of Tennessee
Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Deodorant Save 2.99/2
TopCare Children's Cetirizine 4 oz bottle save up to $11.25
Electrix Batteries save 2.99/2
Domestix Nitrile Gloves and Domestix sponges save 2.99/2
Comet Powder Cleansers Save 1.47/2
Glass Plus save 3.18/2

-$1/1 here and here
Carpet Fresh No Vac or spot shot liquid carpet cleaner save up to 5.93/2

Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminator save up to 2.23
SH dryer sheets save 1.99/2
Sun Light Auto Dish Detergent save up to 4.76/2

Soft Scrub w/bleach (most printables are gone may want to GOOGLE for more)
-Bogo here
-$1/1 here
-$1.50/1 here
Cinch Cleaner save up to 2.52/2

Woolite Liquid Pet Stain Cleaner or Oxy Deep Carpet Cleanser Save up to 5.27/2 (anyone else noticing a trend here? dog treats + dog food = need for carpet cleaner)
-$1/1 01-10-10 SS

Air Wick Scented Oil Motion Kit save up to 10.59/2
$4/1 03-07-10 SS

Kaboom Tub & Tile Cleaner save up tp 4.97/2
-$1/2, $.50/1 02-21-10 SS
Hartz NoOdor Litter Soray save 3.99/2
Paws Premium Dog Biscuits (not so premium says the Doxies) save 2.76/2
Iams canned cat food
-$3/10 02-07-10 PG
The Goodlife Recipe Cat Treats Save up to $2.69/2
-$1/1 here
Fresh Step Cat Litter or Tidy Cats cat liners save up to $3.32/2

Thanks to Necipe over at HCW

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