Monday, November 17, 2008


Sent out my Thanksgiving email cards today...saved lots of money on that..not one stamp...just a few words and a CLICK!! Hope I didn't put any postal workers out of business, but I did save me some money. Have been receiving emails from all over about the story that ran in the Observer and then I found out that it also ran in the News & Observer in Raleigh...looks like it has done one thing...inspired lots of folks to look at becoming debt free or at least start working towards it. Now to all you inspired folks, I want you to stick to it find a sponsor that you can call when you are in the mall and want to buy something that you don't need and can not really afford. Remember God is the only BAILOUT...Every piece of currency you have has it on it...In God We Trust. Yeah get a sponsor!!! You know like AA sponsors. It is great to do it as a BUDDY system get out of debt. I was thinking today maybe instead of targeting churches and just people how about businesses. With so many people being laid off and cutting hours maybe some employers would allow me to come and talk to their employers... Heh if the AIG execs (is that the right company) that got our BAIL OUT MONEY to go out and PARTY maybe the money could be put to better use paying me to come in and tell me ways to cut corners and get out of debt as soon as possible. Debt is not be a SQUARE!!!

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