Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TUESDAY MORNING..it is cold out there high of 44!!

Can you believe it here in SC it is 29 degrees and today the high will be 44...that isn't high! So I talked to a close friend who was shopping yesterday and using coupons. Now you have to know this lady to know that she is good people..she is a great mom, great friend and most of all a Christian, wasting is the last thing she would do intentionally she is a good steward and it was just a spot she had overlooked...and she is correcting it now!! So to the point she was shocked at the money she could save using her coupons especially at the store that doubles up to 99cents.
Now using coupons correctly is an art, you can't let them sell you on the pretty pictures in the Sunday paper you have to buy what you need not just because it is buy one get one free and it stays in your freezer or cabinet for a month. Write the list categorized into dinners so you know what you need and already have. Cross off the list what you have at home already, but leave it on your list so you can see automatic savings. Take only cash and no debit card, no check book nothing but CASH. If you go over put it back put the most important stuff up front and then if you need to put something back it is usually junk and not a staple item.
THOSE CHILDREN....silly children think they have some say so!!
A good rule of thought before you go on a big GROCERY SHOPPING spree is to use everything in your cabinets. Have some rice that you just haven't used and a roast in the freezer cook it and make it a meal. Lots of times we forget or look over what is in the fridge or cabinet just because the kids don't want to eat it. They don't have a job they can't make a decision on what they want to eat for dinner. My daddy used to tell me "You will eat it before it eats you".

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