Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Need Bail out...flew in on private jet. today folks are still spending money on BEGGING FOR MONEY FROM US!!! Just turn on the big news networks and you will see it. The CEO's all flew in on their private jets and when asked would any of them sell them no one said YES. So this is what I see from a real persons point of view.

It was like someone pulling up to the Food Stamp office and your chauffeur lets you out of the car at the door. So again we are supposed to BAIL someone out of there mess...oh wait no they said they want a loan to pay back. And when they gonna pay it back? When people start buying cars again? When the 1.2 million folks out of work find a job?

This is crazy and everyone keeps saying we should help them so many folks will be out of work. Hey I have been out of full time work since last December...what about 11 months now.

And these folks will not give up a PRIVATE JET, well wait I figured it out they are keeping some pilots employed and maybe the one or two flight attendants employed. That is why. Now I get it!!

If we start to BAIL OUT LOAN OUT OR WHATEVER....when does it begin. Why not BAIL me out? You know why because I have JESUS so I reckon they may need to do the same!!!

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