Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When you ain't got money you always have truth.

Say it. Hear it. Think about it. Today while working with a client on her budget she said her mother always said; Honey when you ain't got money you always have the truth. Now this may mean lots of things to lots of people, but let me tell you what I heard.

When your children say "Mama I really want to have those jeans" and you you don't have the money to do it you tell them. " we don't have the money to buy those jeans"...The truth is the same as when you Leave the Joneses Alone.

When your friends at work say I want you to be part of the Secret Santa and you know it doesn't fit your budget even if it is just $5... I would really like to participate, but it isn't in my budget..they see $5 bucks you see $5 dollars less on your power bill.

When your neighbor asks you can your children go to a movie with their children tonight and you know you don't have the money and you say I appreciate the invitation, but right now we just can not afford to do that.

Just think of how much money people could spend if they spent the truth instead of money they don't have. I just had to put that out there tonight before I signed off for the night, boy it just is really deep. Gimme your comments!!

Travise Smith

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