Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Morning...missed a couple of days!!

Sorry for the missed days..Friday morning I was on WSOC FM take a short listen.

So of course I am still spreading the DEBT FREE message and this morning I was under the hair dryer when I heard this commercial by a HUGE retailer.
It starts off the little boy comes into the, games, toys yata yata yataa and the mother fades in with
"At xyz store I am so glad that I can give him a Christmas as big as his imagination."

If he gets his imagination this year on CREDIT and mom or no I mean SANTA has a hard year next year what does that do? Again I say..."such a time as this" is the best time to break it down to your family (children included), Number 1 that Christmas is to Celebrate Christ and Number 2 tell them is mommy and daddy are having a harder than normal year. Share the REAL world with your children so they know.

Last night I started a short three week assignment with Samaritan's Purse & Operation Christmas Child, well I have to work 2nd shift 3-10:30 and my youngest son saw me this morning and he said "Do you have to go back to work again?" I said "Baby I only have been one day." He said "well that's enough", "I said no because we have to have money, he said we got lots of money don't we?" I quickly responded with "No we don't, we have a lot of Love, We have all of Christ, but not a whole bunch of money. No we aren't wanting for anything and we have all of our needs met Praise God, but no not a lot of money." He said "oh"... and it was over with him. He is 7 and we keep him in our's just that easy.

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