Sunday, December 14, 2008

....Been a while since I blogged.

Sorry for the time lapse I picked up a great opportunity to be a great witness for Christ and be witnessed to by many for Christ. I worked at Operation Christmas Child. What is it? It is a ministry of Billy Graham and Samaritan's Purse. It is absolutely amazing!!! Totally. I was at the Charlotte, NC location where over 2.1 million boxes will be sent all over the world. The shoe boxes have a few toys, gifts, clothing etc...but the most important thing about is all is the Word of Christ goes along with it. To the many children all over the world that may never ever hear about Christ that will allow them to hear about HIM in there on language. I mean places like Sudan, India, China, too many places to name. Volunteers are the overwhelming bulk of the efforts they come in process the boxes to be sure there isn't anything that may be inappropriate to be received by a child. Over 35,000 volunteers come through the doors over the 4 week period, they give up there vacation, they come on Faith, they come to say they came and did something...they just come.

I was on a team of six Team leaders and we were responsible for training volunteers on the correct way to process the boxes.... My team had a few people that were laid off from their jobs, people who do this every year, and people who came in to this job after their first shift job. Oh yeah did I mention this was second shift that is why I haven't been able to BLOG.

I met people from everywhere...every walk of life, every thing...just too much to even say. To hear the stories from the missionaries that actually hand out these boxes will send chills up your back.

This is why I want you to be debt you can do ministry. So you can help someone else. So you can do more in the KINGDOM.

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