Thursday, December 18, 2008

CREDIT CARD CRUNCH....Don't worry...

As I am baking goodies for the teacher gifts for the boys I am watching the news and keep seeing before and after every commercial "great news for people with credit cards". In this economic crisis still the media keeps saying use the credit cards so much so that some big wigs have come up with the great idea to help you with your interest rate!! Help you with your interest rate? HA HA. How about just BAIL you out and pay em' off for you. Yeah that is the ticket!! No way BAIL out regular everyday folks that will not happen oh wait it might they could send us another STIMULUS check and tell us to help the economy by going out to buy a big screen television.

You know what if they did BAIL out the average credit card user they would go run it right back up!! Know why? Because it is all a mindset to use the credit card vs putting the credit card down. Oh but you could use it wisely and pay it off at the end of the month, well now if you can do that why not just use cash and pay for it upfront...what if you loose your job on the 29th and the payment is due on the 30th...not thinking you are gonna pay the bill you are gonna let the bill go and keep a roof over your head and food on your table as you should, but if you just cut it up NOW and stop using it life would be much easier.

I was work with people all the time that think there isn't anything wrong with credit cards until we talk a little further through why they are using them. You know my favorite is I get points toward flying...know how much they fly...ZERO...ZILCH...NADA. So why not just pay CASH? This is an age old question that will continue to come up as people will always think that CREDIT is the answer to everything, but I think we can look at all the ECONOMIC drama we have going on from a personal standpoint to Wall Street that CREDIT isn't the answer...God is..He always has the final say and I think we had all stop and listen!!!

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