Sunday, December 21, 2008

...I was in the hair salon yesterday...FINE PRINT

So I was in the hair salon yesterday and this is a great place to gauge what is going on in the local not gossip in this salon we deal with only the FACTS and we will not debate the bible, the bible stands on its on and it is the FINAL WORD. With that said we can discuss FINE PRINT. The new CREDIT card changes were the topic of discussion today you know how "they can not change the rates starting in July 2009".
So the concern was how could they anyway especially if you paid on time and did everything you were supposed to?

Well because you didn't read the fine print. You know the same
fine print that got so many people into the binds that they are in now with home loans, adjustable rates and now credit cards. Let's be sensible if it is on the paper you need to read it....if it is too small ask for a legible copy or don't sign it! Now what a novel idea that is...not signing it well that will not happen because if you don't sign it you don't get the credit card and the addiction to the credit card is what got the US to the place we are right now. We have to have it right this moment or else. The else has caught up with us all and the consequences are much bigger than WE ever thought they would be. One person argued that we need a credit card for emergencies...she probably had a $500 limit, so why not just save up $500 and put it in the BANK? I need one if I want to rent a car or go on vacation. To be honest more than likely a vacation isn't affordable right now in your budget anyway and you know what my husband and I left the country on vacation a while back and had no credit cards....we had the debt card with the VISA symbol and guess what it worked just as well.
The fine print is there for a reason...not to trick you, but to INFORM you. They say so often if you want to hide something from us...just put it in a book/writing. We wont read it because it might tell us what we already know.
It all goes back to the simple fact that Proverbs 22:7 says it The borrower is slave to the lender. You have to do what the borrower says to do and if that means paying a higher interest rate when they say so...that is what it means!!

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