Sunday, December 21, 2008

SANTA....who is that?

Finally it was confirmed from the pulpit. Today I visited TLC Ministries in Rock Hill SC where the Pastors are Seth & Margaret Crosby. So this is what my parents have always told me about this Santa person. Girl there isn't anyone going to break in your house and give you anything. We work hard to give you everything you get...let me break down what we received as children and why. My parents made it quite clear that Christmas wasn't for me it was Jesus Christ Birthday and not mine; if you lived in our house you got 3 gifts in remembrance of how many gifts Jesus received "Why should we get more". We shouldn't. Now then there is those who say what about the belief..what about the magical side of Christmas..the mystery. Well let's see if my parents lied and lied and lied for years to me I guess I would assume that a lie was ok. In regards to magic...can't find that one in the bible...only in Harry Potters' books...and the mystery. The mystery is how my parents were able to put money away all year to be able to provide us with a great Christmas Holiday.

So back to church today...with the Economy the way it is surely people aren't out being burdened with more debt to keep SANTA in business. He said STOP putting the burden on yourself to keep up with SANTA. What other word does SANTA look like when you glance at it? SATAN!!!!
You might want to tell your children that Santa was laid off and his hours were cut just like yours. Put a stop to the madness right now. If your children are old enough to add 2 + 2 let them know that this is what we bring in and this is what goes out, encourage them to understand the real reason for the season. So you might have a few tantrums, maybe even a few tears, but they will be better for it in the long run. I wasn't ever a mean child about SANTA I simply told my friends that SANTA didn't come to my house the same as we tell our children. He may go to the Joneses house, but since we aren't trying to keep up with the Joneses it doesn't really matter to us!!

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