Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The whispers have began...

I thought I made it easy, but several people have asked how to have Coupon Mama at their next Seminar, retreat, day workshop or just to teach about coupons so here is a short blurb about the ministry so you are able to share with your church, organization or group decision makers. Contact for scheduling and public relations questions.

So yesterday a close coupon buddy of mine was at Target and over heard one coupon savvy Coupon Mama follower trying to convince a lady to start clipping coupons and see how much she could save...she went on to say how much it could help her. She walked off and said "good luck" with your couponing.

Hmmmm Luck...I don't think so. Luck is defined as something that just happens. I for one don't believe in LUCK and anyone clipping coupons knows it doesn't "just happen" it takes time and effort to SAVE money, but it doesn't take half as much time and effort to SPEND money. Witnessing to your friends and family about clipping coupons isn't always easy to is just like witnessing for Christ you will not SAVE everyone some money!! But I encourage you to keep trying and showing them your lifestyle. As you know I encourage you to show them what you pick up, what you save and how much more you can share. In times such as this so many people want to be able to provide for there families and would like just as much to be able to help someone else, but when they are out of work and out of money they don't see it as an option, BUT GOD!!!

That is the testimony I like to share with people the folks that follow the rules, do it right and are able to help a fallen friend, help a stranger and just be able to make couponing a witnessing tool. The God I serve is a giving God and one that wants us to all be prosperous. Is that the same God you serve?

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