Friday, March 5, 2010

...I won...I won...Donna S.

Congratulations Donna S. & look at our own Candice!!!
So yesterday I was out at Berry's "just looking" and decided to go to my NOT SO FAVORITE Target.  If you have been to a Coupon Mama class you know why they aren't "my not so favorite".  So I had nothing, but Amber in the cart and we walked up and down all the aisles pricing items and taking notes to update the blog just for you guys!!!  Cause I love ya.  When I happened upon an unsuspecting shopper with her Amber and just strolling through the store.  We began to talk and I casually asked her questions about her shopping that would answer all the winning questions and she WON!!! Everything in her cart was paid for and I didn't even have to add any coupons because she had a coupon for evey item in her cart and most of the items were to be blessings to other people in her family for EASTER baskets!!! 
Be sure and tell Candice(Tara) hello and tell her you saw her here next time you are in Target.
This was the hardest contest to find a winner!!  Imagine that hard to pay for someone elses groceries. 

Anyway the moral of the story is you will want to watch for upcoming contests.  One going on right now I noticed that no one has participated in for the Mary Kay Pink Rewards and paying it forward contest.  It doesn't cost a dime yet no one has done it!!  I am never know what else Coupon Mama may throw into the mix to make it an even better deal so read over it again and "Think do I want to miss my blessing or someone elses?" 

Here is the newest contest in case you missed it
The whole reason I do it....It's the God in me!!

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